Off-grid Vaccine Refrigeration

By protecting children against serious diseases, immunization is one of the most successful health interventions in history. Vaccines save lives and improve the economic and educational outcomes of children. Yet an estimated 14 million infants each year do not receive vaccines leading to an estimated 1.5 million preventable deaths.

SunDanzer manufactures solar-powered vaccine refrigerators especially designed for remote, off-grid clinics in developing countries. By playing a part in the vaccine cold chain, SunDanzer helps bring vaccines to children who have been left behind and brings them life-saving care. We work hard to keep things cold, and what could be cooler than that?

SunDanzer proudly manufactures two lines of vaccine refrigerators; Solar Direct Drive and the Hybrid Series. All models ship complete with power systems and all necessary components for a successful installation. All SunDanzer vaccine refrigerators meet or exceed W.H.O. standards (PQS) for off-grid vaccine storage.

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