Medical Series

The medical models combine thermal storage with a very long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery System(>3000 full cycles ) for easy plug & play installation. The hybrid design presents a more cost-effective solution as it allows for a smaller PV array, more internal volume, faster cool down, and far better low light performance while meeting or exceeding all PQS requirements in the harshest ambient conditions.

The Lithium battery system’s built-in PWM charger, battery monitoring system, and load output control optimize the conditions for a long battery lifespan. The advanced LCD display provides the user with valuable and precise system information. The Lithium battery has an expected 7 Year service life and is small, reliable, and easy to replace.

The unit ships complete with a fridge, solar panels, battery, battery charge controller, wiring, tools, temperature display, lock, and manuals. Once installed, the fridge achieves vaccine temperature in less than 12 hours from the initial turn-on.

The system is enabled to support secondary loads such as lights or phone charging but is programmed so that the vaccines are never allowed to be compromised.

Below are links to the temperature monitoring logger we recommend and two free apps.

Unicef Logger

Varo: A Free Smartphone App to Transfer Logger Info

A Free App that Aggregates Logger Data

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