Solar Powered Milk Coolers


SunDanzer solar-powered milk coolers are helping Kenyan dairy farmers earn more revenue for their milk production.

With funding from USAID, SunDanzer has developed a small-scale portable cooling system tailored for use in the Kenyan dairy market.

The system is comprised of a photovoltaic array, a chest refrigerator with phase change material inside and water (brine) bags to transfer the heat out of the milk.

The system stores energy in the freezing of the phase change material inside the refrigerator and doesn’t use batteries.


  • Cools 20L of evening milk to 4 °C overnight
  • Use available 5-10L aluminum milk cans
  • Chest refrigerator with internal phase change material
  • Operate without batteries
  • Operates from six 85 W PV solar panels in East/West orientation


Voltage 12-24 V (PV only)
Current 15A during pull down, 6A operating
Capactiy 105 L
Ambient Temperature Range +5 °C to 43 °C
12V PV Array Six 85W modules, 3 facing East and 3 facing West