Solar Powered Medical Refrigerator, 15 liters


Pre-Qualified by the World Health Organization (WHO) the SunDanzer BFRV15 provides vaccine storage using solar direct-drive battery-free technology.  Designed in conjunction with DIVAF and PATH, the BFRV15 solves a very important problem in the vaccine cold chain by eliminating the need for batteries.


  • Meets WHO/PQS/E003/RF05-VP.2 standard
  • Rated for Hot Zone + 43º C
  • Requires no battery or charge controller
  • User Independent Freeze Protection - Grade A
  • Complete kit in crate includes PV array, mount, wiring and grounding, user and installation manual, external digital temperature display, lock and key


Climate Zone Hot (+43° C)
Energy source Nominal 12V solar
Gross vaccine storage capacity 15 liters
Temperature range 2° C to 8° C
Req'd Solar Insolation 3.5 kWh/m2/day
Autonomy at 43º C 101 hours 19 minutes
Refrigerant R134a
PQS Code E003/039


Product dimensions 0.704 x 0.594 x 0.77 m
Product weight 130 lbs
59 kg
Product volume 0.32 m3
Crated shipping dimensions (with complete PV kit) 114.30 x 99.06 x 111.76 cm
Crated weight (with complete PV kit) 402 lbs
182 kg
Crated volume 1.27 m3

Loading Quantities

20' container 20 units
40' container 48 units
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