The Luxurious and Reliable Solution to Portable Refrigeration

SunDanzers new portable SD series coolers are the perfect choice for those who are trying to bring the luxury of refrigeration with them wherever they go.  With dual zones and independent dual control, you won’t have to compromise again.


  • Dual compartment chest coolers with independent digitally controlled zones
  • Dimpled stainless steel exterior finish with rubber protective corner guards
  • Heavy duty spring loaded latches and rubber grip handles for minimal sounds
  • Direct 12 or 24 VDC operation with convenient AC compatibility with our inverter
  • Integrated delay protection system and adjustable voltage protection system

Equipped with a zero maintenance, brushless, thermostatically controlled DC compressor operated directly on 12 or 24 VDC.  With a direct DC power cord, an inverter, and an AC power cord, transferring to and from your houses AC power, to your truck, boat, or RVs DC power becomes a hassle free experience.

SunDanzers coolers provide outstanding reliability with an integrated fixed delay protection system, adjustable voltage protection systems, and smart microprocessor that displays error codes whenever necessary.  This technology allows for the luxury of safe reliable refrigeration in remote areas where once was unavailable or too costly.

SD-68 Portable Chest Cooler

Portable Fridge Freezer Chest Cooler

SD-90 Portable Chest Cooler

Portable Fridge Freezer Chest Cooler
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